How to become a creative innovator


Great things start with small steps like locating in more innovative places. That’s why companies concentrate into places like Silicon valley to join the right network and find talent for their needs. We need people who are creative, but also those who actually can make it concrete and market the actual invention.

All of us like to work in an innovative company. What makes companies innovative? And is it possible to become one? It can be checked and thought. Why so many good ideas never realize? It’s not a new innovation if there’s no realization. Maybe we think something isn’t really novel, something totally new.



According to dictionary creative is “The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness”.  It’s often referred to artistic work, but any kind of job can be creative.  Imagination or  dreaming is not creative because ideas don’t become reality. This is the different with idealistic and creative people.


Often creative means new end product. It can be also modification for something existing.  You can enhance your creative by letting your mind flow.  It’s hard to force others, but creativity can exist in a group, too.


Examples for creativity


 Problem solving is creative. You need to find a solution for something not known before or which is new to you. Writing as well. You don’t need to write a book, think about a greeting card instead of too big things. In visual art you put something in your PowerPoint or painting, that’s creative.


Sometimes I think communication is part of my creativity. You have to find a way to tell bad news for your team or you want to market new products, etc. Trying a new food, traveling new places, choosing different route back home, mixing clothes, etc. can become a way to become creative. Many things can be seen creative.




 “The action or process of innovating”, as said in a dictionary doesn’t really tell what’s innovation.

Innovation is a realized new or significantly improved product, service or process which has business, society or government value. Innovative people are those who can continuously get new ideas, enhance them and actually realize it.


Many techniques and also environments can make innovations happen more often. But don't force too much. Take a break. You can become more innovative by learning techniques to get more ideas, read or do something which improves your skills, etc.


Examples for innovation


 The iPhone is an innovation because there were mobile phones in the market already; but this phone is great design and connecting to ecosystem etc. in a different way. Dyson, a bagless vacuum cleaner, was a good innovation and they used existing technology.


Uber, the business is based on ordering taxi from an application and they had good maps for part-time drivers, too. Business can be done in a new environment by partnership or collaboration. For example big companies work with startups. This is actually open innovation. Open source software, the model how code is developed, tested and shared is innovative, a novel innovation when it started.




Dictionary defines invention as “The action of inventing something, typically a process or device”. Invention is unique or new device, method, composition or process. Many inventions are possible to have a patent, too. Note the difference to innovation which is typically inside organization.



Inventors are people who see something others don’t and they are often considered a bit “crazy” with their talks. You can invent something in your daily life, for example use something existing to help at home for doing things. Research or business has sometimes inventions by a sudden. This makes it interesting, there’s a possibility to create new things.


Examples for invention


Wheel is probably the most important invention of our times. And how often did we hear no need to invent again? Concrete which is cement was also invented really early to make better buildings. Now it’s used with amazing architecture.


Light pulp came from Thomas Edison’s invention. We can work during the night. Graphical user interface is actually invented by Bill Gates but it was used by Apple, too. World-wide-web and Tim Berners-Lee. How could we live without it?


Robots and their future coming now, also RPA which stands for robotic process automation. We can get help from good inventions. Camera, television, airplanes, and many others we often forget, but they are part of our daily life.


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