Successful Project Manager skills: Time Management Tools

There many online tools such as Trello which you can use to manage time. They can help in team work.  Typically companies also have project systems where you can follow work by tasks or HR and ERP systems where all time is recorded.

For myself best way to manage time is thinking two steps forward. I’m thinking my own tasks but also my project tasks. I have a clear idea what’s going to happen, then I can reach the objectives later and communicated time to team and stakeholders.

Different kind of trackers for issues or bugs are useful in project management to have an idea or prioritizing tasks.  To do lists are some cases needed. I often make before holiday a list which I continue after I come back. This helps to start efficiently.

To avoid unnecessary work you can follow lean management or value stream mapping techniques to know what’s exactly needed. They reduce the waste, unnecessary work. It will be good for keeping the schedules and manage time.

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Successful Project Manager skills: Time Management

Most project managers are in a constant rush to complete different tasks. I personally not always understand this. It’s usually problem with priorities.  If you can manage your own days and plan what’s going to happen, it’s much easier to make sure your project will also reach its target.

It’s often said well planned is half done. In project management. A good plan means a successful project. Agile projects have only story items and backlogs, but also they can be used to plan the success.

Planning work packages and tasks without unrealistic optimism will help out at the end. Nobody has unrealistic expectations. Estimating and assigning enough people isn’t always possible. This happens especially if you need someone from important team. Each organization has these people. All want them to do their project tasks first.

I want to highlight doing right things as well. Then you will not need to do many times the same.


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