Successful Project Manager skills: Time Management

Most project managers are in a constant rush to complete different tasks. I personally not always understand this. It’s usually problem with priorities.  If you can manage your own days and plan what’s going to happen, it’s much easier to make sure your project will also reach its target.

It’s often said well planned is half done. In project management. A good plan means a successful project. Agile projects have only story items and backlogs, but also they can be used to plan the success.

Planning work packages and tasks without unrealistic optimism will help out at the end. Nobody has unrealistic expectations. Estimating and assigning enough people isn’t always possible. This happens especially if you need someone from important team. Each organization has these people. All want them to do their project tasks first.

I want to highlight doing right things as well. Then you will not need to do many times the same.


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Master project management skills with these video tutorials of problem solving

Projects have always problems and many of them are source for a problem? This can be true and a good project manager is a problem solver. This week's topic is problem solving. You can watch general video, get new tools or just listen to my experience sharing.

I have had different kinds of problems as I have told in the course. In general wanted to provide you information about techniques and skills about good, successful project management. Check out my Youtube videos to learn about problem solving!

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Successful Project Manager skills: Problem Solving Sharing, Customer Denies a Reason

I did a project in Indonesia and I was definitely sure the bottleneck for getting data into system was in network connections. Usually these bottlenecks are due to priority or security reasons. Customer had difficulties to solve this problem. They kept it open and accused the system.

I knew that only solution is to do testing or communicate with network team. At the end it escalated to meet network engineer, local from customer side, who draw the diagram and exactly said where the issue is. There was no other possibility than customer solution, wait for approvals and delay the project until it was solved.

You can’t always control every part of the project. You can help in finding a solution and discussing, negotiating, but that’s all you’re able to do.

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Successful Project Manager skills: Problem Solving Tools

To find a solution I have used legendary Post-it papers on the wall with the team. This method can be used also for collecting any kind of information. Or getting to know each other.  For more advanced methods I have also continued by finding options with these techniques (multiply) or narrow solutions.

If you are making a new product proposal, you can also adapt design thinking. It defines a problem in second step and continues later to prototyping and testing.

Listening is important for collecting information.  Some people easily stuck with problems. You can follow and talk with your team, ask them to tell about problems. This is a good way for a manager to find another task to continue once problem is solved. It will save resources.

IT projects have typically coding problems and changes to solution. This will need communication and solution proposals, change requests, etc. Prepare documents and people possible changes in advance. Don’t promise exactly what’s in the contract.


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