Successful Project Manager skills: Leadership

Project manager is often the first person new people meet when they join the project. That’s why it’s important to pay attention for these contacts.  Successful project manager is able to inspire, motivate and get the best out of each and every team member. Note also time pressure when it comes to taking people into work.

Efficient leadership means that people have somebody in front of them but when they need also in the background. This is the trust effect you can reach by knowing and helping your team.

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Master project management skills with these video tutorials of communication

Do you want to enhance your skills in essential project management success tools? This week's topic is communication. 


If you're a good communicator, it will help you reach your target, involve your team and get the best out of the time project is running. I have posted three Youtube videos which you can  take a look and master communication. Check these out: 1. general, 2. tools and 3. experience sharingDon't forget to subscribe my Youtube channel to get alerts for new videos.


Successful Project Manager skills: Communication Sharing, Pen and Paper

Sometimes your partner or customer is not using same language as fluently as you and you need to find a way to explain and get to the point. My first project in Vietnam included a lot of drawings, by me or customer. Since a picture tells more than a thousand words they say, it was useful.

If you need to explain complicated things, don’t make a presentation but use whiteboard instead of it, take pictures from final drawings, etc.

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What you can do during the difficult times?

I was listening today morning a philosopher who said in a crisis we have good opportunity to stop thinking bigger things. This means yourself time to get to know yourself, who you are and what you want from your life. Is your job interesting? Would you stay in your current situations if there were no crisis? What keeps you in this comfort area? I went through these questions as well.



For governments and companies crisis situations give great chances to make big changes. I’m extremely satisfied about opportunities for remote working (especially when I’m not currently working for any company). However you can see places like Taiwan still didn’t adapt this because they actually have a good situation. Still, social distancing is promoted by government also here – companies not. Main thing about remote work is trust between employer and employee. This is so high in many places, yet! Another opportunity is to take climate change seriously. We can measure the differences, have real data for decision makers. Last, but not least, is to see which companies have possibilities to survive. How much buffer a company should actually have? What are kind of profits are enough, this is also risk management. Schumpeter’s creative destruction has its place also in our time.


Good chance for stop and think. Good chance for contacting friends. Good chance for spending time with family. You can see who are the ones that you can count on, what kind of people actually want to stay with you only in good times? That’s something you can see in your life always, but especially these more demanding times you get a good chance.


I’m preparing for my next step. Maybe I wanted to start it in another places some months ago, but then I wouldn’t have had so much time to prepare and think. My last months have given me a great opportunity to prepare, test and plan. That’s not bad. It’s an opportunity which I want to use!