Successful Project Manager skills: Communication Tools

All project managers need to practice communication, for example public speaking in front of smaller audience or alone with a mirror.  In the beginning of project it’s important to list all people and groups. You can use linear responsibility chart or other tool, just a list of people and their email address and phone numbers. Linear responsibility chart will take into account also affection, power, how people are able to make your project a success or a failure.

Decision making structure and weekly schedules can be written down and communicated. Relationships and decision making power is extremely important to recognize. For face-to-face communication it’s possible to use AIDA approach (attention, interest, desire, action). This comes from marketing, but is useful in many other cases too: plan what will be communicated and what is the target each message. This is the action in AIDA approach.

Communication can happen in many kinds of events, for example kick off meeting to go through project target, content and people.  Documenting and availability of it to team is important. You can use any kind of online bank or database in this. Plan each phase of project separately when it comes to communication actions. Write down.


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Successful Project Manager skills: Communication

Communication is both verbal and non-verbal. It’s not only what you say but how you say it. To follow strategic communication approach, you plan both of these.  Pay attention to fact that each message should have benefits which make them interesting. This way you can offer value to your audience. I often say good communication means good relationships. If you talk direct and clear, you are in a process to build great, long-term relationship with your team or customers.

For a project manager efficient communication means building relationships with stakeholders, but also making internal project communication clear. All targets are reached will be reached that way. Some cases there are crisis situation. Projects have delays and scope can change during the execution. It’s not always easy to keep budget. All of these cases you will need steering committee support to escalate issues for higher level.

Communication becomes successful when all people know the objectives. They may come from organization strategic process, but also projects have goals. Remember to measure success as well. Pay attention to feedback.


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Digital transformation and tough times getting away

I found this article interesting. It will tell how digital transformation need to happen after Covid-19 in terms of finance, tools, staffing and brands. That will be good reading for you to think next career step or how your organization might change.


See the article here: Digital transformation: 4 ways to plan for the post-pandemic normal


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