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This e-book will teach how you can become a creative innovator. You can start by improving your

capabilities in creativity, innovating and inventing; however sometimes you can reach your targets with

only adapting some of the techniques.


Creativity is a topic which usually think only artistic work should be included. When you open your eyes

wide you can find many areas. Innovations are making creativity something concrete to sell and have

value in society or any other organizations. Inventing is making any thing like a wheel, but we’re not all

able to success in inventions.


Go through this e-book and start making a decision. Your decisions is to become a creative innovator.

Take smaller steps and within a time you can become more and more better. This is your journey to

creating, innovating and maybe inventing at least something new on your mind!


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This ebook will teach you about making creativity, innovating and inventing your asset!


What's to be strategic? How to become a strategy manager? Download and read my ebook Future Strategy Manager to become better, more successful in your next career step.


You'll will learn about needed skills and work. I will also share true life stories from people who made it to the top level. Join one of them.


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You will learn what skills are needed and how your work will be related to other people and departments.


This ebook is about successful project managers. I will share you top five skills which are needed for each and every project manager to reach success in their projects. Project management is about schedule, scope and budget, but it’s also a lot about leadership. Other needed skills are problem solving, negotiation, communication and time management. All these are related to schedule, scope and budget. To success you need to master them.


Articles and studies used in collecting data are from Alleywatch, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Harvard business review, PMI and several separate academic studies. I have also used top coaches to share their success factors to become better manager.



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You will learn how to become better, more efficient and successful project manager!

How to success in strategy? How to create your next killer strategy?


Order my free ebook: Build a strategy through trends and start your next successful strategy. This ebook will show you examples how to get best strategies build, what kind of ideas you get around and which trends will affect the strategy success.



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