Getting serious and some relaxation

This week I finally figured out that I don't have too much time to go trough first 3 months of my Chinese studies and learn characters of our book. I made a plan to use this week to learn first 30 pages, next week other 30 pages and the last 28 pages or so during one week after that. Of course this doesn't mean that I totally can write and read those characters but at least I have a clue how to do it and can probably make a guess about the meaning. All in all, this kind of an agile approach to learning might work for me.

It's a bit different feeling to do something to achieve your own goals after so long time of work and even longer time of achieving things that were planned at school by someone else. My Chinese learning project is totally for myself and my future, not because of somebody asked me to do it. This kind of things are very motivating. I do have my plans, I do have my targets but it happens because I want it. And the daily amount of ”work” is big. I'm not sure if I have to do re-scheduling later, at least the scope is given by the university, even if I widen it by asking a lot of questions during classes.

The student life needs another aspect of life, too. This weekend I went to movies and a dinner with a friend, visited an art gallery with another and explored something new on Sunday: Taiwan hiking in Sandioling (some waterfalls). Of course I knew already Taiwanese nature is amazing but this day trip was very, very nice. I was a bit exhausted later but mainly just because of the long way, up and down, up and down. I won't recommend this route to people who have difficulties to walk a lot or health problems but there were people of all ages doing it. It was slippery after rains this week. The dinners were very typical for the city this weekend: on Friday some hot pot with different meats and on Saturday a restaurant called Modern toilet. It's one of the many theme restaurants here, they have ”poo” ice cream, everything in the restaurant is served and decorated within toilet theme (like plates) and the food is about the average here This place is very popular among teenagers, my friend told me she was there last time 10 years ago when she was in junior high school. I wouldn't probably recommend it if you have a few days time in Taipei but it shows the fun of the Taiwanese – they're not too serious on anything, they're laid-back, playful and want to have some fun.

Until today I have found my favorite spots in Shilin (the place where my university is located) but I'm not sure if I want to stay somewhere else in Taipei. Probably closer to central areas. But here the life is so uncomplicated already.

I bought a new HTC mobile phone this week to be more local and it actually made the thing. Bank account was opened last week, this week I have my money there and life got much more easier. There's not a lot of things which need to be arranged anymore, now just the apartment and after that job hunting.