Looking for an apartment


This week contained daily training and learning but also a lot of time was spent on searching for an apartment. There are many available apartments but also the price differes quite a lot depending on the area you want to be or the size is very small in central locations. I paid yesterday an insurance for the contract and I hope that everything goes well tomorrow when signing the contract.

Many people own bigger apartments where they either have smaller studio apartments or rooms with shared kitchen and toilet. The good thing is also that they have furniture and internet ready. I guess the price is a bit high sometimes for the quality but sometimes you have to pay more to save time and effort. It was a disappointment in many cases that tenants were requested to be female. I'm not sure if it really matters if you call and ask but at least it's a hope from a landlord.

I have a test tomorrow, it seems to be a weekly run and a Sunday hobby to learn new characters and take a test on Monday morning. For the Saturday evening I had a dinner with a friend who helps me with the apartment quite high level in Taipei 101. We arrived before the sunset and restaurant offered nice food and atmosphere. Of course the price is also higher, but this kind of dinners aren't everyday things.

I'm also planning my trip to Seoul, Incheon and Busan in South Korea. I actually changed the plan a bit because I realized that it isn't so hard to go Busan as well from Seoul. South Korea has interested me a long time and now I finally can go there. Koreans are very clever and motivated to invent new things. I hope I meet a lot of locals, taste great food and understand the culture after this.